Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Dictators -- When Looks Do Not Deceive (Mythical Profiling Works)

Are these not the ugliest men the collective genetic unconscious could possibly create? I mean, they look like villains out of story books. Mubarak was 100% per cent vampire-mummy. Qadaffi is the evil pirate I doodled on a notebook page when I was nine. History is really laying things bare for us. Thank you, Stereotypical Dream Mind: You are proving a sure guide in this otherwise confusing time.


  1. Yeah but Ghaddafi's Amazonian guard? Very empowering to women in a Russ Meyer sort of way...

  2. What a lurid Jungian hyper-melodrama it all is. with the cool silvery Anderson Cooper narrating.

  3. Even though AJE does the style over substance thing too, I'll take Marwan Bishara over the Coop 9 times out of 10.